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Prevent Unwanted Pests This Spring

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With weather warming up and flowers blooming, spring in Arkansas is a beautiful time of year. Unfortunately, we aren’t the only ones who love springtime. Some pests enjoy the season just as much as we do. Below you can see a few pests you should expect to receive a visit from this season in your Arkansas home or business.

  • Ants.
    Did you know there are over 12,000 species of this insect? They build colonies varying in sizes from 100 ants all the way up to 7 million ants. With those numbers, it’s easy to understand why this super strong and organized group of bugs is so common and difficult to get rid of. The first thing we’ll do? Locate the source and determine the damage the infestation has caused.
  • Termites.
    Did you know that the most destructive species of termites, the subterranean termites, are huge fans of Arkansas? Just like us, they love the warm weather, and your cozy home is the perfect meal to get them through the winter months. So far we have not discovered a DIY pest control that works for these critters due to their ability to spread throughout a home and do damage so quickly.
  • Wood rat.While we’re talking about unwanted guests, we couldn’t leave out the eastern wood rat that’s native to Arkansas. It can have up to 3 litters per year with up to 3 wood rat babies in each litter. This type of rat loves to “collect” your jewelry and other shiny pieces to add to its nest, so if you’re suspicious of an infestation at your home, don’t wait for a ring or watch to go missing. Give us a call today.

We want to help you prevent or lessen your chances of an infestation by these Arkansas pests and home-damaging critters. Call the Command Pest Control experts at 1-800-GOT-BUGS.

How to Expel Mice Naturally

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Expel Mice Naturally

The coldest weather months in Arkansas are January and February. With the cold weather comes the potential for small rodents–namely mice–to move in doors. If you have small children or pets, setting up traditional mouse traps or laying out poison isn’t an option. Here are some natural tips to help drive out mice.

Peppermint Oil
This all natural solution can be used indoors and out. Be sure to use oil that is marked 100% pure.  Simply pour a few drops of the oil on cotton balls and deploy them where you know the mice are living. The oil will dissipate quickly, so you will want to reapply 2-3 times per week.

Moth Balls
This is another option. Place moth balls out where the mice are believed to be living. Be careful with this option if you have very small children who may mistake the moth balls for candy.  Small pets may also be harmed if they ingest the moth balls.

Remove the Source of Food
Rodents are looking for more than a warm nesting place. They are looking for a source of food. In your home, this could be cupboards, pantries or other places where dried goods are stored with easy access to rodents. Remove access to food, and the rodents will have to go looking somewhere else.

Ultimately, these are short term solutions. None of these methods are scientifically proven. They are tips that have been used over the years and passed down from one generation to another. They work more (or less) effectively depending on the conditions and the surroundings in which the rodents are living.

In order to expel rodents permanently, you should consult the professionals at Command. We’ll identify the entrance points and help eliminate the problem for good.

Protect Your Property from Invasive Species in Arkansas

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Protect Your Property from Invasive Species in Arkansas

The Natural State is a great place to live. Rolling hills through much of the state. A State Park System rich with natural beauty and sites to enjoy the great outdoors. In addition, the weather for much of the year in Arkansas is great to be outdoors!

But keeping your property protected from pests is more than just keeping them outside of your home. Here are some of the invasive pests from the Arkansas Forestry department.

Asian Longhorned Beetles
Distinctive for their “longhorn” antennae, this insect is active from June to October and burrows into maples trees as well as alders, birches, elms, horsechestnut, poplars and Asian willows. Signs of an infestation are bark cracks, branch dieback, and tree mortality. They will also create oval to round pits in the bark to lay their eggs in.

Emerald Ash Borer
This insect is recognizable for a beautiful emerald colored body. They will bore into ash trees mostly. Recognize an infestation when the top 1/3 of tree begins to die off. Sprouts growing from roots and trunk and leaves often larger than normal as well as bark splitting with galleries under bark are signs of the Emerald Ash Borer.

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug
This pest can target a wide variety of hosts including tree fruit, small fruit, legumes and deciduous trees. Additional targets to watch out for are ornamentals. Adults are shield shaped, alternating dark and light bands of the antennae and the edges of the abdomen. Damage causes small necrotic regions on the fruit and foliage of many plants. Damage to the fruit can include water-soaked lesions, cat -facing, or prematurely aborted fruit.

There are additional invasive species that you can learn about in this pocket guide from the Forestry department. If you suspect an infestation on your property, you can contact the following agencies.

State Plant Board – (501) 225-1598
Arkansas Forestry Commission – (501) 296-1861
USDA-APHIS-PPQ – (501) 324-5258

Pest Control – Older Versus Newer Home

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The age of your home often has nothing to do with whether or not it gets hit with termites. read more →

Mosquito-borne Illness, Know Your Threat

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Mosquito-born illnesses have been in the news over the past several years. Viruses that most of us had never heard of, like Zika and West Nile, have become well-known. What is the threat?

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Favorite Pest News of 2016

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If pizza rats roaming the New York City subway lines and roach gifts for a vengeful ex were some of your favorite headlines from 2015, you’re in the right place. If you missed out on those stories, don’t fret. We’ve got you covered on last year’s blog. This year, we’re covering everything from tropical bed bug invasions to scientists creating a disgusting human flavor. So, grab your repellent and don’t scratch the itch because have we got some pest doozies for you! read more →

When Ladybugs Invade

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Admit it. At some point you or your friend or your cousin or your daughter dressed up as a ladybug for Halloween. It’s an easy, last minute costume, when you’ve let time get away from you. Paint some black dots on some red fabric and stick on some bug antennae. Vualah!

However, while you expect little human ladybugs to be knocking on your door come Halloween, you don’t really anticipate a swarm of the real deal come wintertime. read more →

How to Keep Wild Animals in the Wild

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wild animals

The tree is decorated and the stockings are hung with care. The vegetable stew is simmering on the stove and the fire is roaring in the fireplace. Your home is a picturesque scene of coziness and warmth. On your drive home from work or picking up the kids, all you can think about is that you just can’t wait to get home.

Unfortunately, the pests stationed around your home are thinking the exact same thing! They’re just waiting for the opportune time to sneak in and plant the flag in their new territory. Vegetable stew for all!

Thankfully, no matter how inviting the inside of your home is, we have the tips to make the perimeters pest-repelling!

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The Top 4 Creepiest Spiders in Arkansas

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At some point and time, spiders have probably made their way into your nightmares. Whether you were a kid and your older brother let you watch the movie, Arachnophobia, or you encountered one face to face in the attic getting down the Christmas decorations, spiders are a feared creature for a reason.

All pests have a potential for danger, but when one of them has eight legs and a powerful jaw, you tend to put that one at the top of your list of Pests to Avoid Forever.

On the positive side, they were created with intricate designs and bodies that help us identify them as harmless or dangerous. We’ve gathered the top 4 of our favorite spiders that can be found right here in Arkansas, so that next time, if you see one, you know exactly how far to go on the panic scale. Of course, you should always call us to eradicate the problem – and to keep your wife from finding out you scream like a little girl.
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What We’re Thankful For

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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and we at Command are taking time to reflect on all we’re thankful for – and our list (unsurprisingly) is long. We’re fortunate to spend each day doing work we enjoy, and that we know makes a difference in the lives of thousands of Arkansans in Little Rock, Conway and the surrounding areas.

While we have countless things to be thankful for, we’re sharing our top three below. read more →